A drone in action: Future stocktakingA drone in action: Future stocktaking
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A drone in action: Future stocktaking


Keeping continual records of stocks is wearisome and expensive – but absolutely essential at each warehouse. Any technology which makes stocktaking easier for employees, or even takes it off their hands, therefore has huge potential for logistics. One forward-looking option involves stocktaking using drones. They navigate their way through the corridors of a warehouse independently or with the help of AGVs, fly to pallet storage spaces and take high-resolution photos.

As a result, they provide valuable stock information. The data quality in the warehouse increases and order processing benefits from this. One of these inventory drones is currently checking empty spaces in a protective environment at a warehouse in the State of Hesse as part of a pilot project. The goal is to achieve a scalable solution for efficient stocktaking operations in future – which is a huge step along the way to achieving completely automated stocktaking. However, other application areas for drones in warehouse logistics are also conceivable…

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