E-commerce boom and warehouse logisticsE-commerce boom and warehouse logistics
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E-commerce boom and warehouse logistics


Warehouse experts give an insight into past changes and future plans in warehouse logistics. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, online shopping has become even more popular than it already was. More than 85 per cent of all internet users in the EU ordered something online – a sharp increase compared to ten years earlier. The development of this phenomenon is usually referred to as the e-commerce boom. Not only has it allowed companies to reach a wider audience, it has also changed warehouse logistics as warehouse space had to be expanded in recent years.

Compared to offline retail, e-commerce enables companies to lower their operational costs and reach a wider range of customers at the same time. On the one hand, the focus is on delivering the goods safely and beautifully packaged in order to build up brand awareness among consumers and encourage them to order again. But, on the other hand, the logistics processes also need to be optimised so that customers can be supplied quickly and reliably.

In the podcast, Kerry Delaney, Managing Director of Rhenus Warehousing Solutions Lutterworth in the UK, and Szczepan Gowin, International Sector Leader for E-commerce within Rhenus Warehousing Solutions, talk about the recent development of warehousing logistics. One of the big changes in the last few years is the behaviour of consumers, who have changed their expectations, especially when it comes to convenience and delivery times. Significant changes are also taking place in the area of sustainability. Young consumers, in particular, prefer to shop at retailers with a sustainable focus. To fulfil this desire and position themselves for the future, logistics companies are not only offering more and more climate-friendly packaging and delivery options, but are also taking sustainable criteria into account when planning or building new warehouses as well as creating innovative warehousing and delivery processes.


Logistics People Talk | Episode 8

Kerry Delaney and Szczepan Gowin talk about the e-commerce boom and give an insight into the challenges of warehousing during the pandemic and how sustainability factors into future warehouse plans.


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