Robot-controlled warehouse logistics 4.0Robot-controlled warehouse logistics 4.0
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Robot-controlled warehouse logistics 4.0


Organising warehouse processes with efficiency and flexibility using the AutoStore system

How is it possible to ensure efficiency and scalability for warehouse processes when using automation and robots at the same time? The AutoStore system shows how it works.

The automated goods-to-person warehouse solution ensures that picking operations, which are becoming more complex and constantly involve smaller parts, operate smoothly and automatically. The logistics specialist, Rhenus Warehouse Solutions, is relies on the AutoStore system at its innovative warehouse centre known as ‘The Tube’ in Tilburg in the Netherlands; it does so in order to optimise warehouse processes and benefit from significant increases in efficiency.

The system is impressive because of its scalability and its modular structure; as a result, it can be adapted to the customer’s individual order requirements and enhanced in a flexible way. You can discover in this case study which kinds of customers are particularly suitable for the AutoStore system, how the automated warehouse processes work in detail and what benefits may be available as a result.



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