The warehouse of the futureThe warehouse of the future
In Dialogue with Logistics

The warehouse of the future


Martin Hemmer, Innovation Manager at Rhenus Warehousing Solutions, talks about future warehouse solutions.

Drones, which complete warehouse stocktaking in flight, autonomous robots, which provide support with picking, or high-tech suits, which give employees in warehouses superhuman capabilities – all this sounds like science fiction, but these methods are already in use or are being put to the test in our Warehousing Solutions division. As an innovation manager, it is Martin Hemmer’s job to continually introduce new developments at the Rhenus Group’s warehouses, keep an eye on innovations in this field and examine whether they can be used within the company. He talks about his exciting day-to-day work in the Rhenus podcast entitled ‘Logistics People Talk’ and provides some idea of what the warehouse of the future might look like.


Logistics People Talk | Episode 3

Martin Hemmer, innovation manager at Rhenus Warehousing Solutions, takes a daring look into the future of warehouse logistics. How will technical innovations support work in warehouses in the future and what is already possible now?

Note: This podcast is currently only available in German.

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