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Transport-related warehousing


The solution for manufacturing companies for dealing with disrupted supply chains?

Just-in-time and just-in-sequence – for a long time, these control concepts originating from the automotive industry were decisive for logistics; demand-synchronised production with low capital commitment was the declared goal for companies. And it was indispensable that supply chains function smoothly. But what happens when disrupted supply chains and delivery bottlenecks make reliable planning impossible? Uwe Karrenberg, Managing Director at LOXX Lagerlogistik, a company within the Rhenus Group located in Gelsenkirchen, sees transport-related warehousing as a solution. In the podcast ‘Logistics People Talk’, he explains exactly what is behind this and how the service can help companies in view of current challenges.

The past two years have caused extreme problems for companies all over the world when it comes to reliably maintaining production. The pandemic with its lockdowns, Brexit, the Ukraine war and events such as the blocking of the Suez Canal have thrown long-standing global supply chains into serious disorder and made previously well-functioning concepts such as just-in-time almost impossible. Raw material shortages, delivery delays and exponentially increased costs have created unprecedented challenges in the global economy.

To remain competitive, it is necessary to rethink and find solutions – transport-related warehousing, or TRW for short, can help companies maintain production despite disrupted supply chains and thus find a way out of the crisis. The trick here is that, unlike long-term orders which are the case in classic contract logistics, TRW offers customers the opportunity to store goods quickly and easily and in direct connection with transport and handling. Uwe Karrenberg refers to this as ‘buffer warehouses’, from which goods can be supplied directly to the transport, guaranteeing customers high availability and extremely short delivery times. In ‘Logistics People Talk’, he gives some exciting insights into the area of transport-related warehousing and takes listeners with him to the scene of the action: the distribution centre in Gelsenkirchen.

Please note: This episode is currently only available in German. You can find the podcast with German and English subtitles here.

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Logistics People Talk | Episode 12

Uwe Karrenberg sees transport-related warehousing (TRW) as a way for companies to maintain production in the face of disrupted supply chains. The service ensures high availability and extremely short delivery times.


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