GANT: Outsourced fashion logisticsGANT: Outsourced fashion logistics
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GANT: Outsourced fashion logistics


How lifestyle products reach shop windows

The fashion sector is dominated by seasonal items, huge volumes and short delivery times: the premium fashion retailer, GANT, completely outsourced its increasingly complex B2B warehouse logistics in 2017. Since that time, incoming goods, handling returns, shipments and stocktaking have been taking place in automated form with digital support. Outside deliveries to B2B customers then followed.

The outsourcing quickly brought to light optimisation potential for internal processes, transportation, handling and warehousing. This led to action in 2018: the new central distribution warehouse for GANT was built in Duisburg. 4,500 shipments have been leaving there for stores, wholesalers and outlet centres in 28 countries every month since 2019. A warehouse management system maps the complete flow of materials for the high-value lifestyle products and fashion items produced by this retailer. As a result, shorts and winter overcoats from GANT change places in international shop windows at precisely the right time of year. 

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