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Modular logistics solutions for manufacturers of cooling devices

Refrigerators and freezers are now an indispensable part of any supermarket. However, before they can make their way to the market just round the corner, they are involved in a complex supply chain. It is essential for manufacturers of cooling equipment to have a company that reliably supplies the devices to the supermarket shelves as part of a set schedule. Tailor-made handling is required from specialist logistics experts to ensure that the cooling units arrive at the food retail stores on time and are ready for use.

Value-added logistics specialists can handle all the following stages: storing, professionally transporting, installing and quickly replacing high-quality cooling units if they break down. This specialisation in all-encompassing transport services for cooling devices, which are then ready to be plugged in, offers manufacturers efficient, plannable and punctual logistics and assembly operations. Professional logistics specialists supply cooling equipment from the factories to the supermarkets using an all-round supply chain solution – so that they are immediately ready for use.

On-schedule logistics and assembly processing

Logistics operations with a full-service approach

Storage, transport and installation of refrigerated cabinets.

Storing, transporting and installing cooling equipment requires specialist expertise. While many supply chains involve participants that play different roles, high-tech specialist logistics experts adopt a full-service approach when managing the logistics processes in the cooling device sector. This has a real benefit for manufacturers: one central service provider coordinates, synchronises and precisely implements all the stages along the logistics chain. This minimises project delays, which might occur, for example, through a delayed delivery or if an assembly technician is not available. Particularly when setting up new branches, no additional costs are incurred from delays in the building stages. The logistics specialists supply stores during the agreed time frame. The transport and service operations meet all the technical and logistical requirements related to cooling devices that are ready to be plugged in – ranging from picking them up at the factory to the final performance test.

Services along the supply chain for cooling devices

When supplying cooling units, professional value-added logistics experts use special vehicles to reliably transport the sensitive freezers, eye-level and other refrigerators to stores so that they arrive in an undamaged state. Once they have been safely delivered with their equipment and tools, the products are professionally assembled by the employees. Trained specialists can equip supermarkets and discount stores with more than a dozen cooling devices within just a few hours. The technicians work regardless of the market layout or type. Even after the equipment has been commissioned, specialist value-added logistics experts operate as partners to provide other services such as maintenance or replacing units.

The services available not only include transporting and setting up the devices, but also measuring the floor and levelling work. Professional delivery and assembly teams adjust the cooling units and fasten them to walls and floors. They precisely check the angle and the functions of the cooling systems. After the technicians have adjusted them and have documented the assembly work with photos, they complete an inspection and approval report, which can also be made available in digital form, if necessary. As a result, all those involved are informed about the successful conclusion of the project shortly after the report has been signed.

Professional delivery and assembly teams adjust the cooling units and fasten them.
We ensure that cooling devices are delivered reliably and on time with the specific services related to the product – from the manufacturer to the warehouse and on to the supermarket.
Mark Nummer | Business Development Manager at Rhenus High Tech

Optimising logistics and services

Optimisation of logistics processes

By centrally pooling the working stages right up to the final inspection by a logistics specialist, manufacturers of cooling devices can optimise their network of technicians and the logistics processes. They can be certain that their products will arrive and be reliably installed at their customers’ premises on time and be ready for use. The value-added logistics specialist uses its comprehensive European network, which comprises of business sites covering large areas, technicians and partner companies. It can then respond to client requirements flexibly using its existing capacities and quickly scale its services in line with the request and the market situation. Enough employees and vehicles are available to handle orders efficiently, even during peak periods. When performing the professional transport operations for cooling units, the value-added logistics specialist combines many years of freight forwarding expertise with technical skills and professional handling. Equipping a large number of stores every week is then a normal part of the daily business operations.

Comprehensive services: from factories to stores

The portfolio of specialist logistics experts in the field of cooling device logistics provides extensive services, starting with picking up the units from the factory. A European network that covers a large area, ensures that the company is never far from each production site. As a result, the logistics specialist can pick up the cooling devices promptly from the manufacturer after they have been made or from the supplier and deliver them to their destination. It makes use of intermediate storage areas for this purpose, where the cooling equipment is stored until the set delivery date. Manufacturers can either opt for central or local warehouses. Local warehousing in particular makes it possible to respond quickly when transporting units to certain delivery areas or getting hold of replacement parts when servicing devices. Employees can then replace a faulty unit in a store the following day.

Forklift driver

The value-added logistics specialist then directly delivers the cooling unit to the food retailer’s stores at the agreed time. Depending on what is involved, the transport operation involves a complete load or an individual delivery via the network that is specially designed for this purpose. The cooling devices are surrounded by padding and have air suspension in the special vehicles. Other safety features such as a hydraulic tail lift guarantee that the units are handled carefully. The delivery teams also have special equipment such as heavy-duty jacks, high-lift trucks and transport tools. The sensitive products therefore reach their destination safely and can be aligned with the needs at the site.

Assembly work, functional tests and returns management all included

Assembly of the cooling units

When installing the devices at their place of use, crews specially trained for the products screw together the eye-level freezer units with the chest freezers. They use particular equipment to ensure that they do not damage the sensitive surfaces and the glass that has been inserted. The technicians combine the units alongside each other and at ground level. They can accommodate any uneven points on the floor. After fixing the cooling equipment to the wall or floor, the crews also check that the space between the doors and the cooling devices is the same. As soon as the installed cooling units have been plugged in, the trained employees check whether they are working properly using a set checklist. They document the commissioning procedure with photos, which are sent to the manufacturer and its customers together with the inspection and approval report in digital form.

The services offered also include dismantling, returning and professionally disposing of any faulty cooling units – and, if required, maintaining the cooling devices, including supplying spare parts. The logistics specialists also perform repairs at logistics centres. As a result, value-added logistics experts professionally handle the entire technical distribution of goods during the last mile.

Benefits for manufacturers of cooling devices thanks to the all-round approach

Coordinated steps along the supply chain

It is essential for manufacturers of cooling equipment to have reliable deliveries for their sensitive goods. The high-quality items must be stored correctly and reliably installed after technically flawless transport services. Specialist logistics firms coordinate all these steps along the supply chain and implement them with precision. They can also provide services for replacing and repairing faulty units. Because of their extensive expertise in handling transport operations for cooling devices that are ready to be plugged in, they guarantee efficiency, planning reliability and punctual deliveries. Thanks to centralised outsourcing, providers of cooling equipment can focus on their core business and act with greater flexibility if there are any fluctuations in demand. They therefore save time and personnel costs and are less affected by any shortage of specialist workers. Manufacturers can fully rely on the logistics specialist’s resources to efficiently handle every aspect of the supply chain and enjoy long-term growth with high-quality logistics.

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