Seasonal business: SchoolwearSeasonal business: Schoolwear
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Seasonal business: Schoolwear


A logistical challenge

It is a very special moment in every child’s life: one morning they pack up their new school things and leave the house to spend the day at school. For most parents in the UK, preparation for this event begins a few weeks before school actually starts. This is because their kids need a uniform, which must be purchased in good time. The Banner company has made it their vocation to make this task as easy as possible for parents. They promise the highest quality, the greatest possible comfort, punctual delivery and – if necessary – the problem-free and speedy exchange of the clothing. To ensure all this, a reliable logistics partner is needed who acts innovatively and actively supports the company in its growth. Find out how the particular complexity of the seasonal order situation is dealt with in the following case study.

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