The mailroom of the future: Simply digitalThe mailroom of the future: Simply digital
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The mailroom of the future: Simply digital


Handling the distribution of incoming post digitally and making it fit for the future

People working from home has been an important issue in many sectors during the last few months and this will continue to be the case. Working from home, shared desk concepts and mobile working models are here to stay. It is therefore often necessary to adapt existing processes, most of which are still analogue.

The mailroom is the incoming and outgoing channel for important information within a company, but the processes used there are also mainly analogue. It is consequently important in new working models to find a solution and handle the distribution of incoming post digitally. After all, letters should also be delivered to employees in good time during the Covid-19 pandemic, even if they are working from home. The practice of working from home will continue to gain ground in future because many companies appreciate the accompanying benefits. Digitalising processes, most of which are still analogue, is therefore critical. Working from home, however, is not the only difficulty. Lack of flexibility is also a problem. A letter in physical form, for example, can only be in one physical place at one time, and cannot not be assigned to several people simultaneously. This situation would be much simpler if the letter was available in digital form.

As a result, it is necessary to find a solution: you can handle the distribution of your incoming post with the Rhenus Easy Mailbox.

This is how it works

We pick up your post, sort it and digitalise it.

Incoming digital channels such as email are already an integral part of the system.

The data is analysed, forwarded and securely stored using artificial intelligence (AI).

Physical post is safely archived or destroyed if it no longer needs to be kept.

Digital post is delivered as PDF files to workers’ email inboxes.

The process of handling incoming post digitally significantly eases the amount of work and also guarantees flexible post distribution for new digital working models.
Olaf Remmele | Managing Director of Rhenus Office Systems

Significant benefits

Not only is it possible to improve elaborate processes by digitalising the distribution of incoming post. Costs are also significantly reduced. The fixed costs for operations, particularly logistics costs, for example, can be cut by up to 30 per cent. The processes are safe and transparent because all the data is hosted in computer centres in Germany and you can follow every step of the digital processes via your dashboard.

All our services are certified and are subject to German data protection regulations. This guarantees that your data is 100 per cent safe at all times.


The entire logistics process is improved as a result of distributing incoming post digitally. The process will involve using less and less paper in future, and it will be digital and be more transparent thanks to the dashboard. This will prevent any delays caused by analogue work stages and the work method will become more effective.

Are you looking for a digital process for your mailroom to ease the pressure on your employees? Then get in touch with us!

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