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Cooperating with Peloton


Last-mile service as a premium brand experience

“My home is my gym” – the trend of working out in your own four walls is continuing! And naturally, if the new equipment for exercising at home has just arrived, customers would ideally like to get started straight after opening the package. However, before you can start your first fitness session, the new device first has to be assembled and the operating instructions studied: and both of these can take quite a lot of time. Any support is therefore worth its weight in gold.

Rhenus Home Delivery has further developed this customer wish for a premium last-mile service in conjunction with our partner, the New York manufacturer of fitness equipment, Peloton: delivery, assembly, introduction – all inclusive! For Peloton, this means that its own brand is transported right into the customer’s home base. 

In order to contribute the necessary soft skills to this new all-round satisfaction package, we have ensured that our most capable employees make up the delivery teams responsible for this. We believe this is a service idea with a great future – what do you think?

Are you interested in more information?

Here you can find an interview about the premium logistics for the Peloton fitness bike.


Click here to go to the website of the Rhenus Group's premium last mile service. 



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