In the fast lane with automated processesIn the fast lane with automated processes
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In the fast lane with automated processes


Advanced processes for companies – the way to achieve success in the long term?

More and more companies are adapting their processes and organising them with an eye to the future. The past year in particular has shown how important it is to continue developing measures because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many are already investing in digital working procedures and automated processes. The goal is to continually increase productivity in a world that is constantly changing and guarantee the company’s success in future, too.

Innovations for the workplace of the future

In times like these, it is important to adapt, but also keep an eye on the future. This additionally involves launching innovative processes. There are no limits set on companies’ creativity. One important process, whose implementation is crucial, involves automating administrative procedures. More and more companies are developing ideas and are already establishing automation within their own enterprise or for their customers.

Solutions through innovations

The procedures involved in major administrative processes are often similar: There are numerous documents and files every day which have to be securely destroyed. But before anything is destroyed, everything is collected in large security containers. There are several containers made available so that each employee has access to them. It’s up to one employee to check up to three times a week whether the containers are full and ready for collection. If the containers are full, this person notifies the relevant internal department, which then commissions the service provider to collect them. This involves a large number of steps and a great deal of time for just one procedure! Automated processes can provide a great deal of help in these kinds of situations, e.g. by using sensors. They are attached to the containers. Without needing any monitoring by an employee, they regularly measure the filling levels in the containers. Once a container is full, the service provider is directly notified for due collection. The time-consuming intermediate stages already mentioned are a thing of the past.

Make use of the benefits – increase success

Automated processes can create successful strategies at several levels, make work stages easier and provide many benefits for companies. Time is an important factor for firms; the old adage ‘Time is money’ has not become a familiar saying without good reason. Automated processes can save a huge amount of time and relieve the burden on employees. Employees can then once again fully concentrate on their core business and handle more important tasks. This makes it clear that automated processes offer support and provide relief for employees, but in no way replace them.

Another aspect, which is also important, involves savings in costs. As the containers are only collected and emptied when they are really full, there is no need for any unnecessary runs, which have to be paid for.

The filling level sensor also guarantees the constant availability of the containers. The continuous checks prevent the containers from becoming full unexpectedly, which would make them no longer available for use. This provides companies with a new kind of planning reliability. As everything takes place in automated form, the procedures run on their own thanks to the sensor operating in the background.

However, what about data protection? Even though everything runs automatically and is tracked by a sensor, there is no cause for concern with regard to this important topic. Monitoring is by means of laser distance measurements without the need to inspect the container, e.g. with a camera. The sensor also offers even more protection, because it prevents full containers, which if overfilled could result in the protrusion of paper.

This process makes it very clear that there’s no conflict between data protection and automation.
Michael Wiegmann | Managing Director of Rhenus Data Office

Note: This video is currently only available in German.

Sustainable action opens up new avenues

Better for the future – those who live according to this motto also have an eye on the issue of sustainability. No more unnecessary empty runs are required thanks to the integrated filling level sensor. The containers are only emptied when they are really full. The goal of environmentally-conscious logistics is increasingly becoming more of a reality and responsible disposal concepts are extremely relevant for logistics service providers. This is why a great deal of attention is paid to the environmental aspect when new innovations are being planned because stainable logistics and business thinking are not mutually exclusive!

Overcoming challenges, even in the Covid-19 crisis

The global pandemic has also presented new challenges to companies. It has continually caused society and business to rethink matters. Many companies have transferred their work to home offices. This has primarily been possible because processes have become digitalised.

Has there also been a switch in your company? Please comment on this article by sharing your experiences.

However, there are still activities at many companies which have to be performed on-site. Automated processes may be the solution in this area. They can guarantee continuous business operations, even when employees are working from home.

Increasing competitiveness

The issue in future will consistently involve optimising corporate processes and still remaining competitive. A great deal will change and companies must act and adapt in order to continue to be successful. After all, ‘standing still means moving backwards’ and that needs to be prevented at all costs. One step towards the future will mean establishing automated processes and therefore continuing to guarantee the company’s success. It is also important for companies to keep an eye on their service providers. They, too, have to continue to develop on an ongoing basis and offer different processes. This will be a matter of new innovations, which will support different companies as they make their way into the future and automated means of working.

Rhenus is also pursuing this goal. In order to provide customers with the best possible support in the future, the company is already accompanying a number of innovative projects to develop automated processes in very different areas. For example, Rhenus is accompanying the COBOT project. This is a robot arm that supports employees as a helping hand. COBOT is used for loading and unloading pallets. As a result, employees in a warehouse are relieved of physically exhausting work and efficiency levels increase.

Do automated processes sound exciting and innovative?


Rhenus is accompanying these procedures and is therefore revolutionising business operations at many companies, ranging from strategy planning to implementation.

Launch your process automation with Rhenus now!

You will find more information about automated processes using the Rhenus filling level sensor here.

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