A customer-orientated solution with electronic container lockingA customer-orientated solution with electronic container locking
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A customer-orientated solution with electronic container locking


Greater data security within companies

Companies process important and sensitive data as well as information that must not be passed on to any outsiders. Access is only granted to authorised persons. When the data is no longer required within the company, it is stored in secure containers. In order to continually improve the levels of convenience and security, these containers are now sealed by means of e-lock systems, for example: these electronic locking systems are very impressive because they provide a high level of security and are easy to operate. Once the statutory storage periods have expired, the documents are released for destruction. However, security needs to be guaranteed at all times during this process too.

Data protection containers for proper security

Huge amounts of paper continue to accrue within companies due to physical documents and procedures; these quantities need to be processed and then properly disposed of. Particular attention has to be paid to the security of the sensitive data. This means that the documents cannot simply be thrown into normal office rubbish bins, because could lead to the documents ending up in the wrong hands.

Companies rely on so-called secure containers, which are made available by outside service firms, in order to guarantee the security of the data. These are available in various sizes to meet the various needs of the company in question. The access-proof containers are suitable for the secure and simple disposal of individual documents as well as entire files or storage media containing confidential data, e.g. USB sticks, CDs or hard drives. The data storage media are separated from the paper documents and are then disposed of in different secure containers. Unauthorised parties cannot open these containers since they are completely locked. The material can be inserted through a small opening in the container’s lid.

Professional disposal

The sensitive material is kept in the secure containers until a specialist service company picks it up and transfers it to the place of destruction in special trucks using secure transport services. The documents and data storage media are protected from any unauthorised access right to the end. The contents of the container are only emptied at a mobile or stationary shredder facility and are destroyed on the same day in a manner that complies with data protection regulations.

The Rhenus e-lock process on secure containers

The Rhenus e-lock makes it possible to seal and protect the secure containers to the same degree. This system involves an electronic lock, where the locking mechanism is not visible from the outside and the containers are not only closed, but completely locked too. This is similar to what happens with the front door of a house: if it is only shut, it is simply closed. If a key is turned, however, it is locked and this increases the level of security. The Rhenus e-lock can also be adapted to the needs of the customer, e.g. with the issue of individual authorisation rights for particular containers. As a result, the process offers a high level of security and is very user-friendly because the e-lock system requires no handling of keys.

The Rhenus e-lock system raises the security for storing files to a new level. It’s therefore possible to reliably store sensitive data until it is destroyed.
Patrick Lenz | Head of Sales, Rhenus Data Office

A new concept – The same security level

Complete protection was offered for the storage of data in a high-security container even before the switch to the Rhenus e-lock process. However, the procedure for transferring the customers’ access rights to secure containers involved a great deal more time and effort. The new switch makes matters much easier in this field: the container opens automatically for authorised persons thanks to the key card. Should access actually be required, this can now take place more quickly. The level of security is not impaired as a result. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

The level of security for the containers is increased as a result of the Rhenus e-lock. Firstly, the system guarantees an extremely high degree of resistance to theft. Secondly, the system records any opening procedures that have taken place. It is then possible to trace any unscheduled opening of the container right down the line.

The special features of the Rhenus e-lock

The Rhenus e-lock system can be affixed to the secure container very easily, regardless of the technical infrastructure that is available at companies. The container is supplied to the company, the card is precisely programmed for operation at the site and that’s all there is to it: the system is already active and ready for use. It is possible to independently determine, manage and change the authorisation rights for different people. The customers retain the cards on a permanent basis and this does away with any complicated returns process.

The e-lock system can be easily combined with the innovative ITCPRO filling level sensor. The sensor concept is attached to the secure container from the outside. Once the previously defined (filling level) threshold has been reached, the sensor automatically emits a signal. It is therefore unnecessary to open the lid to check the filling level and an order can directly be placed for a firm to pick up the full secure container. This also means that the containers are only picked up when they are actually full. This prevents possible empty runs, which also reduces CO2 emissions and costs and means that no inspection is needed to check the container.

The benefits at a glance

The benefits resulting from the use of the Rhenus e-lock are obvious. The security of the data is naturally the number one priority. The integrated locking technology corresponds to the latest technical developments, providing round-the-clock protection of the sensitive documents. However, data protection is also an important issue. No personal data is stored in the lock.

In addition to the high level of security, the e-lock concept is very easy to use and can be put into service without requiring any time-consuming procedures. The standard and modernised locking concept means that it is handling the keys is very simple – and RFID (radio frequency identification) cards increase the level of convenience. Each company can also determine its own authorisation levels for the cards and this gives rise to a new kind of flexibility.

The Rhenus e-lock system operates without any dependence on an electric power system. It meets the IP43 protection class and is also certified according to DIN EN ISO 9227.

You can see how the Rhenus e-lock system works here:

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