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2-man handling for the last mile: The all-round, carefree logistics package for customers

Ordering everyday necessities online has almost become standard practice. However, more and more people are also ordering large items that they want delivered to their homes, such as a washing machine, fitness equipment or a new kitchen table. This represents a huge challenge, particularly for logistics specialists because they not only have to bear in mind the general inner-city conditions, e.g. traffic and the corresponding delivery exigencies, but also customers’ requirements and wishes.

The proportion of furniture items purchased online was already about ten per cent of total turnover in the sector in Germany alone in 2017 and this figure will probably continue to increase even more during the next few years – up to 17 per cent in 2022, according to a forecast by the ‘statista’ organisation.

The growing importance of furniture sales on the Internet is partly due to the fact that large and bulky objects do not have to be transported in people’s cars and because, over the past few years, the pandemic has meant that more and more people have been ordering items online. The retail sector is convinced that this is not a passing phase, but growth in the all-delivery economy can be maintained in the long term because the advantages of electronic shopping have convinced many new online shoppers. Instead of making purchases at static furniture stores, they now simply order kitchen furniture or sitting room suites for delivery to their homes at the click of a mouse. The market for home fitness equipment is growing too. Turnover is likely to almost double to USD 448 million by 2027 compared to the figure for 2019. This development means that logistics specialists in particular have to optimise their delivery processes and adapt to customers’ needs. 

Nils Thiesen, the Managing Director of Sales and Market Development at Rhenus High Tech and Rhenus Home Delivery, and Axel Mallon, the International Sales Director at Rhenus Home Delivery, talk in the podcast about the logistical challenges of delivering bulky goods such as washing machines, fitness equipment, medical devices, cash machines and the like. They explain why smooth delivery process operations are particularly important – and how extra services can achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. Alternative delivery options such as small vans with electric power trains, cargo bikes or solar-powered vehicles, which could be increasingly used in future, are currently being tested to make goods deliveries even more efficient and environmentally friendly. Smart controls for supply chains provide further huge potential for logistics companies such as the Rhenus Group.

Please note: This episode is currently only available in German. You can find the podcast with German and English subtitles here.


Logistics People Talk | Episode 10

Nils Thiesen and Axel Mallon talk about the challenges of delivering goods to their place of use. Everything revolves around how to make delivery processes with 2-man handling even more efficient and environmentally friendly.


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