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Digitalisation and data protection for businesses


The master of data

In the podcast, Data Protection Officer Gerhard Friederici talks about the opportunities and challenges of digitalisation and data protection in companies.

Digitisation has been a global megatrend for some time now, and the COVID-19 pandemic, among other things, has caused it to develop rapidly. This applies to all areas of life – and thus not only to individuals but also, and especially, to companies.

Anyone who talks about digitalisation cannot avoid the topic of data protection. The protection of personal data is also becoming increasingly important in a global context. Globally active companies such as the Rhenus Group therefore pay great attention to the protection of sensitive customer data. In his role as Head of Security and Quality at the logistics service provider, Gerhard Friederici is the Data Protection Officer and responsible for the Group’s data protection management. In the podcast, he provides insights into the various areas in which the topic of data protection is essential. He explains what companies need to pay attention to and how they can best protect their sensitive data.

The podcast is also available with English subtitles on YouTube.


Logistics People Talk | Episode 6

Digitalisation is constantly increasing – in all areas of life. In the context of digitalisation as well, there is no getting around the topic of data protection. Gerhard Friederici explains what companies need to bear in mind.


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