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High-volume personalised supply chain solution for Skinnydip


Whimsical accessories, clothing and lifestyle products with motifs of the well-known characters from ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’, as well as celebrities such as Julia Michaels, Amelia Liana and Zara Martin – this is what the company Skinnydip is known for. The success story of the British lifestyle brand began in 2011 with a mobile phone cover and grew in the following years to 16 standalone stores and over 200 stocklists with specialist retailers worldwide.

But enormous growth also goes hand in hand with major logistical challenges. It soon became apparent that Skinnydip had reached the limits of its storage and handling capacity and needed support from a flexible multichannel logistics expert. There were several challenges to overcome: the distribution of personalisable goods, the rapid increase in demand, different management systems and two physical locations meant missed sales opportunities. Read how the logistics service provider Rhenus took the retailer’s warehouse logistics to a new level.

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