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Quo Vadis E-Mobility?

Sascha Hähnke, Managing Director of Rhenus Transport, on the mobility of the future

The "climate clock" keeps ticking: e-mobility in logistics is a topic that is increasingly gaining focus when it comes to sustainable freight transport. Political requirements such as the Paris Climate Agreement or the climate targets of the German government are prompting companies to look into alternative drives as well as their self-commitment with regard to sustainable business. Sascha Hähnke talks about the opportunities and risks of alternative drives in the Rhenus Podcast.

Freight transport by road has developed rapidly in recent years - driven both by efforts to protect the climate and the fact that fossil fuels are finite, the logistics industry is increasingly focusing on the topic of e-mobility. The Rhenus Group has been actively shaping this change for several years now. Not only does the company have one of the largest fleets of e-trucks, but Rhenus also works closely with manufacturers on practical tests of alternatively powered vehicles.

Whether electric trucks, participation in test track projects for trolley trucks, vehicles with LNG or CNG drives: One person who knows all about this is Sascha Hähnke. In the podcast "Logistics People Talk", he reports in detail on his experiences with the different drives, their advantages and disadvantages for green logistics and the suitability of different drive types for different transport routes and types of transport.


Logistics People Talk | E-Mobility Part 1

Sascha Hähnke, Managing Director of Rhenus Transport, on the practical use of alternative drives - such as LNG, hydrogen and electric motors - and the necessary framework conditions for the further development of e-mobility in road transport.

Note: this podcast is currently only available in German.


Here you will find an overview of current sustainability projects within the Rhenus Group.



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