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Targeted, but flexible: Container transport solutions for JOST


Limited transport capacities on certain routes, political unrest in destination countries, climatic conditions such as hurricanes and, last but not least, incidents such as the COVID 19 pandemic have a major impact on the planning of the transport of goods. For manufacturing companies, it is therefore essential to have a reliable partner at their side for their logistics who knows these challenges, can react quickly and easily to changes with local teams on site and can offer the customer alternative solutions.

JOST, a leading global manufacturer of safety-relevant systems for commercial vehicles, was looking for a logistics service provider for the regular weekly transport of seven containers of components from a supplier in Brazil to its production facilities in the USA. The service provider had to be able to handle the entire transport, transshipment and interim storage under the specified conditions in combined transport. Rhenus Logistics was finally chosen. The company with 820 locations worldwide has a well-functioning network and the corresponding know-how.

Particular challenges for the project were, for example, the shortage of loading space from Brazil to the USA due to the hurricane season and the influence of the COVID 19 pandemic on the global flow of goods. A transport route with a stopover in Colombia is the fastest and best way to ensure that the containers arrive in the USA on time. Rhenus also achieved a 10 percent reduction in import charges with this trick. 

Interested in more detailed information?

Rhenus was able to overcome the challenges JOST faced and provide flexible logistics solutions. You can read all about this case study here.


Find out more about LCL shipping within the Rhenus Group.



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